What makes a community?

At Occidental, we care about what happens outside the classroom almost as much as we care about what happens inside it. That means our student body not only advocates for, but strives to demonstrate mutual respect, tolerance, and support.

Helping students to shape and nurture their community, Residential Education and Housing Services oversees all aspects of living on campus, from room draw to RA Programs, community meetings to trips to Pantages & Dodger Games.

During the three years students are required to live on campus, we offer them an option to choose where they live. We train RAs to be reliable mentors and trusted friends who even help point you in the direction of where to get your light bulbs changed. Whether students are interested in game nights or group discussions, off-campus field trips or chances to meet and mingle with potential new roommates, we try to provide something for everyone.

In addition to our 13 coed and student-governed residential halls, we also offer themed living communities. Students can choose to live in the Women's Center, Multicultural Hall, Sustainability House, or any number of options designed to bring students with similar academic and personal interests together under one roof.